Abels Field

Cast & Crew


Kevin Sorbo


During a film and television career spanning more than 20 years, Kevin Sorbo has starred in two of the most-watched television series in history. He played the title role in Hercules, The Legendary Journeys and he was Capt. Dylan Hunt on Andromeda. His many guest-star appearances on hit TV shows include Just Shoot Me, According to Jim, and The O.C.

Among his film roles, Kevin was in the hit 2011 release Soul Surfer, Kull The Conqueror, Meet the Spartans, and What If, for which he received a Movieguide Award for acting. Since 1997, Kevin has been a spokesperson for A World Fit For Kids, a non-profit organization providing gang, drug and dropout prevention to teens through mentoring programs.

Samuel Davis


Samuel Davis was born and raised in Clear Lake, Texas where he attended high school and participated in football and track & field—both of which he dropped after auditioning for Julius Caesar. That school play tapped his interest in acting that he has had from a young age. While attending the University of Texas at Austin, Samuel earned roles in student films and commercials. In addition to Abel's Field, he has also had parts in the feature-length films A Close Divide and New Hope. A sixth-generation Texan who is fluent in Spanish, Samuel lives in Austin.

Richard Dillard

RICHARD DILLARD (Coach Chalmers)

A native of Waco, Texas, Richard Dillard began his acting career in college theater. He's best known for his role as Mr. Pickford in Dazed and Confused and in the multiple-Emmy winning TV movie Temple Grandin starring Claire Danes. His most recent project was a starring role in Breaking the Press and he plays Mitch Lobell in the new Dallas TV series. Richard ranches and raises quarter horses in Salado, Texas, and sings and plays guitar in a band called Blue River.

Nicole Elliott


A Houston native, Nicole Elliot began performing in local community theater productions at the age of four. Much of her childhood was spent in rehearsal, classes, plays, and musicals that encouraged her to expand and explore her vivid imagination. She gained her first film roles in independent films shot in Houston. After spending a semester at a conservatory in New York City, Nicole was cast in Abel's Field as Seth's love interest. Among her upcoming movies is Helen Alone. Nicole splits her time between Los Angeles and Austin.

Catie & Ellie Duff


Born and raised in Austin, Texas, twins Catie and Ellie Duff are the youngest of four children. They enjoy gymnastics, soccer, basketball, piano, school, movies, being with their friends, and hanging out with their family. Abel's Field is their first feature film, an life-changing experience they both loved. They continue to act and look forward to many more exciting opportunities.


Gordie Haakstad


A feature film writer and director, Gordie Haakstad's background includes both cinematography and editing. After graduating with honors from the University of Southern California's School of Cinema-Television, Gordie helped create industrial, short, and feature-length projects. He was the cinematographer on the award-winning 11 Minutes Ago—a feature-length film shot entirely in one day. He teaches cinematography and editing at the New York Film Academy and has developed curriculum for those departments. He lives in Los Angeles.

Tore Knos

TORE KNOS (Producer)

After graduating with honors from the University of Southern California with a joint degree in Business Administration and Cinema-Television, Tore Knos began a career in motion pictures that has included both on-set and off-set roles. He was in the prestigious agent trainee program at International Creative Management (ICM), one of the world's largest talent agencies. In addition to producing Abel's Field, Tore co-produced two Steven Seagal films: The Keeper and Against the Dark. Tore lives in New York City and frequently speaks at USC's film school.

Aron Flasher

ARON FLASHER (Screenwriter)

A graduate of the prestigious screenwriting program at the University of Southern California, Aron Flasher has written more than 20 screenplays for film and television. During his studies at the university, he received both the Carol S. Gentry Writing Scholarship and the Jack Oakie Award for comedy writing. Aron has contributed to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and for the on-line magazine Entertainment Today. While continuing to write, Aron is currently completing a Master's Degree in International Development at American University.